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Happy Day Griddle/Grill Best Giddle I Have Ever Used, Period.

In one of my first posts I discussed pots and pans, see it here. I said that a good place to get your more expensive pots and pans was at Goodwill. Well another great place to get some of the best cooking pans is from your mother. Well at least my mother. I can’t speak […]

Dad’s Great Steak Fries

These are absolute best steak fries. I came up with these when I was tring to figure out what to do with baked potatoes left over from the night before. Now I just microwave the potatoes and let them cool. Them deep fry them to a golden delicousness.

Kyle’s Flaming Hot Chicken Skewers

I through this together last Sunday using the Chicken Marinade from the Post on Feb. 9th. I cut the chicken breasts into strips and put them on 12” skewers that I cut in half. I served this with my favorite; Dad’s Greatest Steak Fries and Watermelon.

Hey, Geuss What? It was Such a Nice Day I Went Outside!

I went to the Buck Creek Nature preserve and got some great images. You can see more like these at Around The Bend #2 Monster Root #7 Monster Root #8 .

How to Roll a Burrito

Here is a great tip for all of you Tex-Mex lovers out there who just haven’t figured out how to roll or “fold” your burrito. I don’t want to here any remarks like “so that’s what the kids are calling it these days.” Just keep those types of comments to your self and I will […]

Spanish Rice

This is a great side dish for any Tex-Mex dish you would like to serve. Adjust quantities by the amount of rice you need to make. I’m looking to make about 3 cups of rice here. Prep Time: 15 Min Cook Time 20 to 30 Min