I Have an Important Tip This Week

I ran into a little trouble while cooking last weeks Sloppy Joe recipe. I became distracted and forgot to stir the Sloppy Joe for about a half hour.

I came back and you could see that the Sloppy Joe were way too hot, pretty much boiling. I had the burner on a low simmer but without stirring, the pot had gotten too hot and started to boil. That isn’t the bad part. Thanks to years of experience I knew that the one thing that I should not do now was stir the pot.

I immediately retrieved another large pot and dumped the Sloppy Joe into the new pot. Sure enough the mixture was burned and stuck to the bottom of the pot.

Because I had turned it out into another pot and didn’t try to stir it I had saved the Sloppy Joe from getting a burned or scorched flavor.

So remember if you get distracted or for some other reason your soup or chili or other thick and hearty recipe gets neglected on the stove, be sure to never stir and re-pot as soon as possible..

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