Potato Scrubbing Made Easy

In my last post I talked about scrubbing your potatoes clean. The best thing I have found for this sort of work is the Green Scrubby Pad. You can almost scrub the potato skins right off if you put a little effort into it. But then you loose all the nice nutrients you get from the skins, so maybe just scrub off the dirt.

Make sure you use a new one, or one that you have set aside for cleaning food, and not the one you just used for cleaning the oven. You know the one with the chemical cleaning residue.

You can get them from your local restaurant supply. They come in 9″ x 6″ pads usually 10 to a pack. I cut them into quarters. This many will usually last me about 6 months. You can always get them at your local grocery too, but I’m to cheap to pay for the pretty packaging.

They are made by lots of different manufactures, but I like the 3M brand. They come in several different “grits” or scrubbing ability. I say grit because they are also widely used in wood working and metal finishing.

White: for light duty stuff like, well I don’t know I have never used these.
Light Duty Pad

Green: for medium duty stuff like scrubbing potatoes, baked on food, and most any other job.
Medium Duty Pads

Dark Grey or Black: for heavy duty stuff like grills, the black stuff on the bottom of pots, etc..
Heavy Duty Pads

Do not use these on any surface you don’t want scratches on. They all scratch to some degree or another. I have the glass 13 x9 pan to prove it.

Don’t use on non-stick pans, they will no longer be non-stick.

I don’t care what the packaging material says these pads scratch what ever you use them on. The reason is that these pads are made of plastic threads with sand embedded in it. That is why they are so popular among wood workers and metal finishers.

So if you want to clean some potatoes real fast and efficiently or you have some baked on crud on some pots and pans, do your self a favor and get some Green Scrubbing Pads. Just keep them away from anything you don’t want scratched..

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