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Potato Scrubbing Made Easy

In my last post I talked about scrubbing your potatoes clean. The best thing I have found for this sort of work is the Green Scrubby Pad. You can almost scrub the potato skins right off if you put a little effort into it. But then you loose all the nice nutrients you get from […]

Shredded Potato Pancakes/Hash Browns

Shredded Potato Pancakes/Hash Browns with Scrambled Eggs, Sausage and Toast Prep Time: 15 Min. Cook Time: 15 to 20 Min.

I’m Back, Lost My Hard Drive

I’ve been trying to get my computer back up and running, Lost my hard drive and my backup. So it’s been a solid week of tying to get my data off my busted hard drive and looking through all my various backup disks. Just tons of fun. So now that everything is back to normal […]

Speaking of Recipes, I Usually Don’t Use Them

One of the most important thing is writing a cooking blog is the recipes. When I started this blog I thought it would be easy to write down my experiances and share my recipes. Then it dawned on me, most all of my recipes are in my head. I couldn’t remember the last time I […]