The Pan is the Thing

I feel one of the most important thing about cooking is the pan. If you are in anyway serious about cooking or if you have an aversion to throwing food away, your pans are the most important thing you will bring into your kitchen.

The main thing to remember is thick and heavy. Your pans should have some heft to them, heft equals thick metal, and thick metal means even cooking and less chance of burning.

Never, ever buy a boxed set of pans from a grocery, department or mega store. You will probably never use all the stuff that comes in the box and the chance of getting a good set of pans is pretty much non existent.

It would be better for you to take that money and purchase 3 or 4 pans from your local restaurant supplier.

My four main pans for everyday cooking are a 12 inch frying/sauté pan, a 12 qt stock pot, a 3qt sauce pan with lid and a 1.5qt sauce pan with a lid. I use a pizza pan for a lid on the big pans.

Of course there are many other pots and pans that you will need, but by far these are the pans I use 85% of the time.

I usually buy specialty pots and pans as I need them, you know things like roasting pans, pressure cookers, and any other type of pan that I need.

I have found most of the expensive types of cookware at Goodwill or other secondhand stores in my area.

One more thing nonstick is very optional, you only really need it on the pan you use to fry eggs. Other wise it is not worth the investment..


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  1. Bill says:

    Excellent points, chef. Can you tell me what type of pans these are? Is the fry pan cast iron, the stock pot aluminum? I’m not looking for brand names necessarily, just what are they made of. Thank you!

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