Mock Hot Blue Berry Pie Ala mode

Mock Hot Blue Berry Pie Ala mode

2 Blue Berry Pop Tart or Toaster Strudel (I prefer the Toaster Strudel)
2 Scoops Vanilla Ice Cream (OK three or  four scoops, who am I kidding)


Break the Blue Berry Pop Tart into a microwave safe bowl and zap for 30 seconds (microwaves vary so you may have to play with the time) or until nice and warm.


Scoop on the ice cream.


Simple, delicious, and quick!

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Popular on Instructables

Hey my Step by Step Instructable “How to Roll Egg Rolls” just became popular on Instructables! That means that tons of people are checking out my Step by Step Instructable and telling us they really like it.

How to roll Egg Rolls


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Found Food Image Wallpapers

Click for full size image, then click it again.


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Found Food Images

For lack of anything interesting to write about I have decided to start posting food images I have found on the web.

Here is a nice wall paper for all you Tabasco lovers!

Just click on the image, then click the image again, then right click the image and click “Save As” to get the full size version!

Click here for Widescreen version


If any of these images are yours please contact me for removal. Thanx!

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Care and Handling of the Happy Day Griddle Grill

I received an email from Marguerite about the care and use of her rediscovered Happy Day Griddle Grill.

“Just found  your blog because I was reaching the Happy Day Griddle I was rearranging my cabinets this week and found it…. After my parents passed away  (i had taken care of them for many years and now was settling their things, and clearing out their apt ) I found the griddle and immediately remembered my Dad making pancakes when I was a little girl on Sunday mornings. I just couldnt part with it. I put it on a top shelf in my kitchen and forgot it was there….. I was rearranging my kitchen cabinets this week and found it…. I was thrilled to see it was scored on the bottom which I had never realized… my parents had never used that side.


I see that many people have my same experience, getting it from their parents or finding ones that had been foolishly cast off to Goodwill. I want to preserve this treasure!! Can you just give me a few do’s and don’ts  so that I can take care of it well and have it last many years for me so I can pass it down perhaps.  Should one use oil with it? do you let it preheat?   for panini do you put a wt on it and use the scored side for the stripes?

I don’t want to damage it,  I’m almost afraid to use it! “
Well Marguerite, the Happy Day Griddle Grill post and Happy Day Griddle Grill Revisited  seems to get the same reaction with a lot of people. I have been spending a lot of my time responding to just such emails and comments.
So here goes a rundown of some responses to some Frequently Asked Questions.
I treat mine like cast iron. It is a cast metal, almost 100% sure it’s aluminum. I just wipe it down with paper towels or a quick dip in soapy water if its real greasy then let it air dry…..Chef BenwaUse:
It gets a seasoning just like cast iron so you don’t really want to scrub it till it shines like new. Actually I believe that a well used pan or pot takes on a patina much like old furniture and other high quality antiques…. Chef Benwa

I found the Watkins one at Goodwill earlier this year on a fluke (and got it for $2) and we used it on the grill at the campsite we went to earlier this year….. Robin

I just found a griddle, new, never used in the original box in my attic of a very old home I purchased a couple of years ago…..Geanene

Inherited one from husband’s grandmother’s estate….. Arleen
So that is a quick rundown on the care and and use of the Happy Day Griddle Grill!


Yummy!! Canned Unicorn Meat

I sent away for this a couple of weeks ago, and it finally arrived today. It had a convoluted trail, it came by way of Kim Jong-un’s private stock.

So of course I couldn’t order it directly from North Korea. It had to go from “friend” to “friend” to avoid any possible repercussions from the State Department.

But It finally arrived……




















I will be making something with it soon, here is the back panel…….





















So Check back in a couple of days to see what I come up with!

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Pinterest Image Orientation Problems

Hey, I have solved the Pinterest image orientation problem!

I pinned these two images from my Chef Benwa Cooking Blog. The one on the left is landscape the one on the right is portrait


This fix will work if you are pinning your own images. The problem is is that along with the image file is EXIF information.

In this EXIF information the image file tells the Web Browser which orientation to display the image.

The problem is that some programs won’t change this info when you rotate and save your image.

In my exhaustive search of the Pinterest site and many Google searches I found a solution. You need to rotate and save the image with a program that will change the EXIF info.

You would think that all programs would do this, maybe most do, but I have found two that will change the EXIF info for sure.

One is Photoshop and the other is Infran View. Photoshop is really expensive so it wouldn’t make sense to buy it just for this purpose. But if you have it already you are set, just open your image and rotate it to the proper orientation and save it.

The other option, Infran Viewer, is free, just download it from the CNET website and install it on you computer.  Here is the link: Infran View.

If you want to view the EXIF data you will need a plug-in. You can get all the plug-ins at this link: Infran View Plugins. The plug installs just like the Infran View program. Click on the downloaded “.exe” file to install.

Just open your image in Infran View, rotate it, if needed, then save it. This should take care of all your Pinterest Landscape/portrait problems.


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Beef Chart


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Knife InfoGraphic

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Tired of Wasting Food!!

For some reason, either from cooking in a restaurant or coming from a big family I always seem to make way too much food.

After throwing away yet another left-over batch of  taco meat, I was determined to find a way to save my meat, and other cooked foods too.

It was about a 3/4 of a pound so it was too big to freeze as one chunk. It takes too long to thaw or dries out in the microwave.

We were throwing out a lot of left-over foods such as Spanish Rice, refried beans, BBQ Beef, Sloppy-Joes, etc, etc….

It either got pushed to the back of the fridge or we got tired of eating it for days.

Then I remembered back to my days in the restaurant. We used to use these little 5 or 6 once plastic or Styrofoam cups with lids for portion control and storage in the fridge or freezer until they where needed.

I went to the local restaurant vendor, Gordon Food Service, and picked up some 5.5 once cups and lids. I don’t remember the exact price but I’m sure it’s a lot less then the food we have been wasting.

Portion Cups


We used them already for some taco meat and refried beans.  It is also great for home made Jello and pudding cups. Just be sure to leave the lid off the pudding until it sets. The top 1/4 of the cups was a little runny.



If your real adventurous you could use them for giant Jello shots. ;^)

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